Welcome to my blog,and thanks for stopping by.My name is Eliza Keating,I liive in Scotland with my two children.My son Dominic is 22 and my daughter Ellis is 7.I havw a day job that pays the bills as a mental health nurse but my passion is writing.I fulfilled  my dream by having my kid’s book folk of feodora’s lane publised last year and from there my passion has grown

 I am a published poet and kid’s author,thank you so much for looking over my work.Eliza Keating

 The garden of the dead  

Some tranquil summer nights I’m led

to walk the garden of the dead.To wonder in this bone filled yard

that others simply disregard.

I stroll amongst the sacred grounds
see ancient graves,and newest mounds.

My eyes see rich men’s marble stones
protects their once loved precious bones.

Aside a cross marked  paupers grave
no wealth he shows,for soul to save.

Stand hushed at ground where infants sleep
were husbands hold own wives that weep.

And peace at last their rifles down
the brave who fought for land or crown.

Are free from war and pain and fears
I shed for them some mortal tears.

My warmest thoughts to each I give
but know my time on earth must live.

So promise as I walk away
the fullest life will live each day

© eliza 2010