Lady Jane Grey was a tragic figure.She was used as a puppet in  the year15.53.She didint want to be Queen and reined for 9 days until Queen Mary better known as bloody Mary was declared rightful heir to the thrown…and seventeen year old Jane and her young husband Guilford’s fate was sealed…they both were beheaded one hour apart .Young Lady Jane politely asked her executioner ..if he could take off her head before she laid it down…he answered “no madame” and cut off her head……….

Pick petals from this pretty flower
await my death this final hour

I watched them take to tower hill
my Guildford as my heart stood still

In bluest skies,the ravens soared
as London’s masses cheered and roared

with Axe they severed my loves life
I sit alone, his truest wife

and all for sake of crown and heir
my neck,that once you called so fair

will fall and die at tower green
nine days thee hosted me as Queen

oh Guilford ,keeper of my heart
no longer shall we be apart

at last the final petal falls
my name i hear all England call

impatiently I long for death
your name , I shout with final breath

the sweetest day 19th July
tonight again with thee I’ll lie

at rest ,so young aged seventeen
the Queen is dead….. long live the Queen