We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Third Annual Poetry Contest.

First Prize

The $100 First Prize for the most popular poem is awarded to Eliza Keating from Glasgow, Scotland for her poem Old Times Sake. This beautiful poem describes true love that has grown through the years.

Happy Anniversary Poem – Old Times Sake

by Eliza Keating


Come meet me in the park my love our place down by the lake.

Pretend that we are strangers now just for old times sake.

I’ll be waiting on our bench the one where first we sat.

And as you go to pass me by will stop and tip your hat.

I will nod the way I did and blush and then i’ll smile.

You’ll decide to sit with me and talk with me a while.

I’ll tell you as I did that day, my hopes, my dreams, my fear

We’ll sit and watch a rainbow form as skies begin to clear.

Will stay there til the day has passed and birds have all took flight.

Just you and I content at peace as darkness veils the night.

You asked me then to make a wish to see if it came true

I asked that day in years to come I’m sitting still with you

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