Meet the far-out, fantastically freaky residents of Feodora’s Lane. Tucked away on a peculiarly numbered street, these unusual oddballs won’t soon be forgotten. There’s Liza Plenty, whose gift for spinning yarns earns her a reputation in town—and a fitting consequence in the afterlife; Ingrid Clawed, who’s so cat-crazy she raises her daughters more like felines than real girls; and Rosetta Little, who’s obsessed with mirrors—until her fixation with looking young crashes down all around her. Don’t neglect Bessie Badstreak, the intimidating nurse who’s about to get a dose of her own medicine; and Zac Strummer, a rock star whose career gets off track thanks to a hungry barracuda. And that’s just for starters.

A darkly macabre but deliciously witty book of whimsical rhyme, Folk of Feodora’s Lane is destined to become a children’s classic. Kids will soak up author Eliza Keating’s ingenious rhythm and wordplay, proving once and for all that reading can be fun. But beyond each bizarre portrait is an important message about the strange cause-and-effect relationship of life: that what goes around, comes around