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Do not

Do not be afraid to walk
where others may get lost
Do not be afraid to give
no matter what the cost.

Do not be afraid to hear
while others cover ears,
do not be afraid to face
your darkest deepest fears,

Do not be afraid to see
with eyes that open wide,
do not be afraid to stay
while others run and hide.

Do not be afraid to speak
when others wont agree ,
do not be afraid to stand
when others fall to knees

Do not whisper your reply
when others ask your name
raise your head,take a  breath
and shout the world your name

 © eliza.2010



On attempting to fly on my broomstick tonight

 Though I tried  and I tried,I just couldn’t  take flight
 And tonight of all nights my old  broom   playing up
 When I’m a contender for the witches gold   cup
 A prestige’s award yes I’ve been nominated
  so please understand why I’m feeling frustrated
 After many a year wishing and praying
 Finally tonight I could have been saying
Who I’d like to thank…then I’d start to cry
 This dream wont come true if old broomy wont fly
 Now I remember,my stupid old cat
 today peed on my broomstick and all over my hat
I’ll cast her a spell my old broom I will dry
and as quick as a flash We’ll be ready to fly