Jake’s land of Tomorrow
Each step a myriad of miles so many strides in all. For just one glance of Cumberland as crystal waters fall.

When day is veiled shall look upon a moon bows rarest glimmer Which forms,reflects an arch of light on still clear waters shimmer..

As  morning casts her beauty; alters Fields to many shades. On gentle rolling meadow grass Her purple blue cascades.

Hear symphonies that fill the air   sweet song of  chickadees. Will carry threw the woodland paths to nest in tulip trees..

To glimpse,the blaze of Man o’ war that every colt must follow In Appalachian mountains high to deep secluded hollow.

From brow to face those silhouettes each stoop from grinding toil Will reap rewards black glistening jewel holds deep within its soil.

In echoed voice of Abraham no thistles here will grow Replaced by blooms of golden rod and trumpet vines on show

If time was ours to take my Jake perhaps a moment borrow I’d hold it just to stand with you to see land of tomorrow