As a child I loved to read, and so as national poetry day is here this is my little dedication to reading and the importance of reading to little kid’s

A journey in books 

I love the taste of gingerbread cause of a little man

I flew above the roof tops in search of Peter pan

 I followed little babes when lost in scary wood

I carried bow and arrow‘s to be like Robin hood

 I shouted Rumpelstiltskin‘s name,a hundred times at least

I realized that love was blind when beauty kissed the beast

I tried to tell the emperor that he had nothing on

I cried when ugly duckling became a graceful swan

I didn’t like that princess who fused about a pea

I sailed with owl and pussy cat,when they were all at sea

I thought that little Goldilocks in fact was rather rude

i faced a wolf to help a girl, her name, red riding hood

I feared when old sly fox put red hen upon his back

I climbed a giant’s beanstalk, and met a lad named Jack

I danced with Cinderella before she left the ball

I always knew dear snow white was the fairest of them all

I prayed those little piggies wouldn’t open up their door

I couldn’t sleep for beauty,for all she done was snore

I tried to walk with puss in boots,to get to London town

I called up to Rapunzel,as hair came tumbling down

and every friend I’ve spoke of, i met within a page

and grew to love each one of them,when i was just your age