My name is Eliza Keating,I was born in Glasgow Scotland,but moved as a child to the new town of East kilbride were I still live and work.I have two children ages twenty two and seven. Folk of Feodora’s lane was initially wrote for my young daughter. I felt the need to write this piece to really just thank every one . As many of you may know my novel Folk of Feodora’s lane has now been published.I hope from the bottom of my heart that many of the truly talented writers out there experience the feeling of searching on amazon only to see your name and your book come up on their listing’s,i realize that there are many established authors that have so much talent they may just take this in their stride,but i am not one of them,as i have explained in an earlier article on my writers network page ..its just me

..The sense of achievement I feel is incredible.I am a average person..nothing special, who to most people never achieved much in my life,although for me the birth of my two amazing children was an almost miraculous achievement in itself ,but to most i am a non descript type which is fine ,some people have asked me in almost disbelief..Eliza is it TRUE you have written a book.I am finding the experience of answering very uncomfortable,it feels as if i am exposing a part of me ,when they ask, it honestly feels as if i have been stripped naked in front of everyone who has ever known me,silly I know but that’s …just me…

The other funny and surprising event that has occurred in this self exposure is this,when potential buyers look up my book on amazon ,they have all mailed me the same lovely comment ..Hi Eliza..great news on Folk of Feodora’s lane..seen you author profile on amazon .you look so different from what I expected..This leaves me thinking will people now judge me on what I look like..would I have been better leaving my profile faceless..its that exposing myself again,all that lack of confidence getting in the way again and again,honestly I’m such a worrier,surely my book will sell on its on’s hoping
Anyway a thousand thanks to everyone who has supported me on this adventure..
If there is ever anything i can help any of you with regarding the pit falls of publishing do not hesitate to pm me ,i will try in time to reply to every message i receive …thank you once again
Eliza x