I want to be an Oligist

think its the job for me

the only problem i can find

don’t know which one to be

and so i came up with a list

to help me pick and choose

and if you take the time to look

appreciate your views

i might be a psychologist
and mess around with minds

a boney archaeologist
i wonder what i’d find


an egotistic autologist
learn all about myself

a greedy aphnologist
become obsessed with wealth

might be

a hematologist.my work would be in vein

a wet and damp ombrologist
who loves to watch the rain


a tired gypnologist
could fall asleep for days

a pious hagiologist
who sits around and prays

might be

a pukey enemetologist
who’s always feeling sick

a hellish diatologist
who’s friendly with old nick


an ancient egyptologist
i’d sail right up the Nile

a trendy fashionologist
show off my clothes with style

i think i’ll stop…………
because my head is full of Scottish mist

perhaps its time i went to see
a meteorologist
© Eliza 2010