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Jake’s land of tomorrow

Jake’s land of Tomorrow
Each step a myriad of miles so many strides in all. For just one glance of Cumberland as crystal waters fall.

When day is veiled shall look upon a moon bows rarest glimmer Which forms,reflects an arch of light on still clear waters shimmer..

As  morning casts her beauty; alters Fields to many shades. On gentle rolling meadow grass Her purple blue cascades.

Hear symphonies that fill the air   sweet song of  chickadees. Will carry threw the woodland paths to nest in tulip trees..

To glimpse,the blaze of Man o’ war that every colt must follow In Appalachian mountains high to deep secluded hollow.

From brow to face those silhouettes each stoop from grinding toil Will reap rewards black glistening jewel holds deep within its soil.

In echoed voice of Abraham no thistles here will grow Replaced by blooms of golden rod and trumpet vines on show

If time was ours to take my Jake perhaps a moment borrow I’d hold it just to stand with you to see land of tomorrow

i won.

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Third Annual Poetry Contest.

First Prize

The $100 First Prize for the most popular poem is awarded to Eliza Keating from Glasgow, Scotland for her poem Old Times Sake. This beautiful poem describes true love that has grown through the years.

Happy Anniversary Poem – Old Times Sake

by Eliza Keating


Come meet me in the park my love our place down by the lake.

Pretend that we are strangers now just for old times sake.

I’ll be waiting on our bench the one where first we sat.

And as you go to pass me by will stop and tip your hat.

I will nod the way I did and blush and then i’ll smile.

You’ll decide to sit with me and talk with me a while.

I’ll tell you as I did that day, my hopes, my dreams, my fear

We’ll sit and watch a rainbow form as skies begin to clear.

Will stay there til the day has passed and birds have all took flight.

Just you and I content at peace as darkness veils the night.

You asked me then to make a wish to see if it came true

I asked that day in years to come I’m sitting still with you

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Old times sake

Can you follow the link and if you like leave a comment for a chance for me to win the contest..Thank you for your continued support Eliza x

Happy Anniversary Poem – Old Times Sake

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,900 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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A journey in books

As a child I loved to read, and so as national poetry day is here this is my little dedication to reading and the importance of reading to little kid’s

A journey in books 

I love the taste of gingerbread cause of a little man

I flew above the roof tops in search of Peter pan

 I followed little babes when lost in scary wood

I carried bow and arrow‘s to be like Robin hood

 I shouted Rumpelstiltskin‘s name,a hundred times at least

I realized that love was blind when beauty kissed the beast

I tried to tell the emperor that he had nothing on

I cried when ugly duckling became a graceful swan

I didn’t like that princess who fused about a pea

I sailed with owl and pussy cat,when they were all at sea

I thought that little Goldilocks in fact was rather rude

i faced a wolf to help a girl, her name, red riding hood

I feared when old sly fox put red hen upon his back

I climbed a giant’s beanstalk, and met a lad named Jack

I danced with Cinderella before she left the ball

I always knew dear snow white was the fairest of them all

I prayed those little piggies wouldn’t open up their door

I couldn’t sleep for beauty,for all she done was snore

I tried to walk with puss in boots,to get to London town

I called up to Rapunzel,as hair came tumbling down

and every friend I’ve spoke of, i met within a page

and grew to love each one of them,when i was just your age

What a state

This is how Ellis and I passed the long journey home from london….if you can come up with anymore I’d love to hear them…if I really love one I may give you a signed free copy of my kids book……..

Never met an eskimo with a plaster on his toe sledging down the deep white snow trying to get to Idiho…….

Never met a girl named Shona with a sister called Fiona drinking long and cool corona in a bar in Arizona…….

Never met a desperado eating fresh ripe avocado in a park in Colorado……..

Never met a grizzly bear with pink ribbons in her hair walking round without a care in a mall in Delaware……

Never met an alter boy snging hymms of gods sweet joy looking sweet and rather coy in a church in illinois

Queen of nine days

  • Lady Jane Grey was a tragic figure.She was used as a puppet in  the year15.53.She didint want to be Queen and reined for 9 days until Queen Mary better known as bloody Mary was declared rightful heir to the thrown…and seventeen year old Jane and her young husband Guilford’s fate was sealed…they both were beheaded one hour apart .Young Lady Jane politely asked her executioner ..if he could take off her head before she laid it down…he answered “no madame” and cut off her head……….

Pick petals from this pretty flower
await my death this final hour

I watched them take to tower hill
my Guildford as my heart stood still

In bluest skies,the ravens soared
as London’s masses cheered and roared

with Axe they severed my loves life
I sit alone, his truest wife

and all for sake of crown and heir
my neck,that once you called so fair

will fall and die at tower green
nine days thee hosted me as Queen

oh Guilford ,keeper of my heart
no longer shall we be apart

at last the final petal falls
my name i hear all England call

impatiently I long for death
your name , I shout with final breath

the sweetest day 19th July
tonight again with thee I’ll lie

at rest ,so young aged seventeen
the Queen is dead….. long live the Queen